Customer Analysis

Know your Customer, Grow your Business!

With the world moving towards customer-centricity it has become crucial to understanding customer needs at the micro-level. With expertise in customer analytics and cognitive psychology, we understand your customers like no one else with the help of Customer Analysis.

Customer traits such as buying habits, preferences, and purchase history are analyzed to create strategies that exhibit higher conversion and retention rates. Customer insights also enhance marketing campaigns by building a deeper understanding of working and non-working product types combined with customer persona to curate customized offers. Some key elements we serve are:

  • Customer Demographic evaluation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer Lifetime Value Estimation
  • Retention Analysis
  • Loyalty programs design and deployment
  • Reduction in acquisition costs
  • Segmentation and targeting

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    Case Study


    E commerce


    Consumer Goods


    Low traffic volume on website, non-consistent sales from marketplaces like amazon/ flipkart, heavy competition and need for differentiation strategy, monotonous marketing theme


    Increase user engagement on online platforms, improve conversion rates, differentiate brand from its competitors, deeper understanding of customers for improved communication and offerings.

    Our Inputs:

    Studied website and marketplaces, recommended UI/UX changes to enhance user experience, carried out customer profiling and demographic study to identify different needs being satisfied, quantified customer’s expectation towards brand, recommended marketing themes based on consumer insights derived.


    25% rise in returning customers on online platforms, complaints dropped from 5 to 2 per product, introduction of loyalty programs and schemes within organization to ensured continued customer engagement, multi-level engagement with customer as a result of advanced profiling.