Inventory Management Consulting

Its all about finding the right balance

If you come across questions like what is the right level of inventory needed? Are you prepared for seasonal shifts? How to improve supply chain? Then inventory management solutions help you answer all of the above.

Many companies have to deal with challenges of inventory management, a few know that optimizing their inventory and procurement can do wonders. With interconnected setup and growing complexity at SKU level inventory holds greater importance for operations and working capital management.

Our predictive tools and trend analysis help in determination of right levels of stock needed, improve service performance and reduce blocking of capital. We create more agile, responsive and efficient supply chain. The service comprises of:

  • Demand prediction
  • Inventory turns optimization
  • Stock Allocation
  • Cost reduction
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Risk Management
  • Lean Supply Chain Strategies
  • Supply Chain network optimization

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    Case Study


    Women Apparel Brand




    Heavy inventory spends accounting to 35% of total costs, very low inventory turns using up warehouse space, inappropriate stock allocation across multiple channels resulting in stockouts in some channels while overstocking in others


    Reduce spends on inventory storage, optimum allocation of inventory across 40 stores and online channels, better utilization of working capital and space

    Our Approach:

    Checked inventory health and performance across all channels, Developed models for inventory optimization, estimation of impact due to change in inventory mix.


    Freeing up of working capital as a result of optimized inventory volume. Upto 10% reduction in losses due to non-availability of stock, improved channel level sales by 5% with provision of desired inventory in right quantity and right place.