Business Insights

Know how your business performs with actionable reports. Use it to analyze whats missing, tap growth opportunity, evaluate competition and much more. We provide three major categories of insights based on client objective and desirable outcome.

Company Performance

Covers major trends, patterns and key drivers for your organization to measure performance and maximize revenue generation opportunities. Learn More

Consumer Insights

Gives consumer traits and buying behavior to effectively leverage data in increasing sales and enhancing marketing activities. Learn More

Web Analytics

Reports encompass performance check for online platforms (i.e. website,marketplaces etc) and help in enhancing lead quality, conversion rates and brand presence. Learn More

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What is Eligibility for getting these reports?

An organization must be into existence for more than 6 months showing acceptable growth. It must have different forms of data(e.g. sales, inventory, customer etc) recorded electronically.

Is customization possible?

The elements covered are broad and widely accepted parameters. There can be modifications done based on client requirements.

How much time does it take?

Depending on the extent of analysis and quality of data it may 5-7 working days

What is required from client's end?

We require access to specific data sources like sales data, inventory sheets etc to be able to provide best insights.

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