Retail Consulting

Your store is your Face

For any business, a store/branch/ outlet serves as a direct contact point with customers being a critical element of the entire supply chain. Retail Consultant covers a range of activities happening within the online/offline store. Right from building a store with layout design & display to improved operations, we cover various stages of retail management. Elements like retail analytics, workforce, and material allocation, customized software significantly reduce the time and cost of a retailer.

Our extensive store research helps in understanding customer’s walk patterns, shopping journeys, attention points, and buying struggles. We also work towards optimization of store space, staff productivity, merchandising techniques, and product arrangement for maximized returns. Some of our services include:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • supermarket/ Grocery setup 
  • Store layout and planning
  • Retail Analytics
  • Customer need analysis
  • Revenue growth management
  • SKU management
  • Promotions and offer management

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    Case Study


    Kids wear Chain




    Stagnant Store Sales, High inventory costs, unsystematic season planning


    Improve sales, enhance bottom line profit, increase in store visibility

    Our Approach:

    Remodeled inventory mix with fast movers and high value products to increase margins. Recommended merchandise modification to catch attention and enhance sales. Periodic track of sales tuned with targeted promotion offers.


    20% increase in sales, 2lakh+ savings with strategic stock allocation,1.8x increase in footfalls in 3 months