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Identify and tap more Sales optimization Opportunities

A strong Sales optimization involves recognizing gaps and making the most from customer interaction. We help you design and develop sales funnel, generate leads, strategize a growth plan and suggest suitable modifications for the same. We also identify nonperforming elements and minimize their impact on the performance of the business. We offer support to the sales staff by guiding through real-time consumer preferences and recommending necessary action plans. Some of our services include:

Sales Forecasting

Predicting revenue and budget for next period using advanced analytics to estimate market potential and cover uncertainties.

Revenue stream evaluation

Identification of company’s core strength and service performance over time

Competitor Analysis

Understanding industry and market dynamics with competitor pricing, market entry strategies, differentiation factors and involved risks

Social Media Monetization

Use of social media platforms to build long term brand, generate leads, hear customer voices and use these tools to grow business.

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    Case Study


    Branding Agency


    B2B Services


    Flat sales since past 6 months, high customer churn rate, minimal repeat orders, heavy investment in promotion for acquiring new customers, no customer segmentation carried out.


    Increase revenue without drastically changing existing operating model, segment customers for higher retention, reduce dependence on lead generation through advertisements.

    Our Inputs:

    Analysed firm’s revenue trends and seasonality involved. Carried out segmentation to identify different client categories like prime, potential and passive; developed business plans based on these categories and designed ways to target them individually, estimated average customer’s worth for the firm which helped to set budget for advertising.


    Segmentation provided fresh approach to management, 10-30% growth in ticket size, sales volume improved by 10% over the course of 4 months, promotion spends were successfully reduced by 1/3rd.