Marketing Solutions

Communication is the key

While marketing is growing to be more complex and diverse field, it requires equally sophisticated techniques to be monitored and improved. Cross-sell up-sell strategies, go to market plan, choice of right marketing mix elements and anticipating potential threats are all part of marketing considerations. Be it choosing the right content for advertisements or choosing the right channel to communicate, we guide through various steps in order to achieve set goals. Our marketing expertise cover:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Performance Marketing (Paid Ads)
  • Offline Banner/Display Ads
  • Go to Market strategy 
  • Market Research
  • Price sensitivity analysis
  • Marketing mix modeling
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketplace Revenue Generation

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    Case Study


    Food Technology Startup


    Consumer Goods


    Catered to new niche of consumer needs with no reference for market research, difficult to identify true customers and reach them, insufficient inputs to measure of buyer preference and choice, low budget to spend on marketing, absence of skilled HR for marketing activities


    Optimize marketing spends, identify target group customers and their characteristics, choosing the best suitable channels to reach them, developing responsive marketing techniques to observe and capture real time insights.

    Our Inputs:

    Tailored marketing campaigns to obtain best conversions with minimum resources, recommended targeted communications based on customer persona, developed tools to measure marketing effectiveness, constant monitoring of marketing activities to gauge impact.


    Increased online presence and reach by 30% in 2 months, use of innovative marketing techniques like paid partnerships and influencer network to create brand awareness, smoother functioning of marketing activities with savings on effort and costs.