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Products to Choose from

Attention Measurement

Heat Maps

Get to know which element of your digital content receives highest attention and make modifications accordingly. From website/app interface to promotional visuals, all are scored based on high and low attention areas. Our powerful AI tool makes your designs all the more effective.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Check how your competitors are performing in online space and monitor their next move. It helps to build more agile and dynamic strategies

Customer Voice

Know your Customer

Get insights on what customers are looking for via search engines. Know how frequent is your service/name being looked upon as compared to your competitor. Also get geographic split to understand user demand.

Brand Uplift

Brand Management

Know what sentiment the audience holds about your brand, how popular is it in online space and who are actively talking about it

Online Health

Website Performance

With heavy competition in online space is your website surpassing the industry benchmark? Are you able to keep users engaged? Answer such questions and much more with our website health check reports.

Business Canvas

Business Modelling

Planning on getting new product in market or entering as a startup? Try canvasing your business with our template and build effective strategies

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