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Optimizing Online Presence

With the major component of business being online one must constantly keep a check on its online platform i.e website. Web analytics helps to covers all relevant KPIs and performance metrics to measure online traffic and act on it.

We help in setting up Google Analytics account if not already present. The report includes:

  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Change in online traffic and possible causes for the same
  • Attention Time estimation to get maximum traction
  • Nature and sources of online traffic
  • Most viewed pages and products
  • Worst performing pages and recommendations to improve
  • Geographic traffic evaluation

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Reports provide answers to

  • Has website gathered more/less traffic than last period?
  • What are most visited pages and why?
  • What are most searched/viewed products?
  • How many users where repeat?
  • How many users could be retained?
  • What is the best time to promote on social media?
  • From where to users’ land on website?

Complementary Offer in Web analytics

As a complementary service Solutions Simplified provide a website health card certified by Google to enhance parameters like UI, UX, load speed and compare against industry standards.

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